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Lisa M. Creath, LPC
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      My name is Lisa M. Creath, LPC,  and I would like to welcome you to this healing space. Reaching out to a professional for help is anxiety-provoking and I want to commend you for taking this step to explore your options for healing. May I invite you to drop the stigma you, or others, may have assigned to therapy, and enter into a supportive, non-judgmental relationship with me to address your

      wants and needs.

      Personally and professionally, I have devoted my life to holding the pain of others as they venture into their healing journey. This has been a gift to me personally and I am so thankful for the opportunity and privilege to have learned so much from the many individuals I have worked with over the years. I am looking forward to entering this journey of healing alongside you and am devoted to providing a space of understanding, acceptance, and context to facilitate your change journey. 

      Feel free to call 314-270-2161, or email me at, to schedule an appointment. 

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      I accept nearly all major insurance plans. 

      I am credentialed with most major insurance companies and accept private pay.  If I am out of network, I will also work with you to provide any information you need to seek reimbursement for the services you receive here at Creath Counseling, LLC.

      Your Well-Being Is in Good Hands

      As we share virtual space, and time, I am committed to treating you with dignity, respect, and care as you venture into places you've dared to explore. Rest assured hope, healing and positive change awaits you. I will be there to support you through it all. My experience has taught me the value of a client-centered approach which puts the person before the process. You will get there at your pace and readiness. Ready, set, let's go!

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      I'd love to hear from you

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